As could be expected, the biggest legal news of the week came via President Barack Obama’s State of the Union, as we have a section on LXBN devoted to just that and another devoted to the subject stemming from it that was of the most importance to LexBlog Network authors. Then, of course, we have Valentine’s Day.

  • On Tuesday evening, President Barack Obama gave his second term’s first State of the Union. During which, he discussed a number of subjects of interest to lawyers on the LexBlog Network: comprehensive immigration reform, an increased focus on infrastructure, his energy plan and a push for a federal $9/hour minimum wage.
  • While all of the aforementioned State of the Union subjects were discussed by LexBlog Network authors, none got the attention the Cybersecurity Executive Order did. This has been a long time in the making, with discussion of it as a possibility coming out immediately following the failure of the Cybersecurity Act of 2012. At that time, we spoke with Stewart Baker on why it failed and he then predicted this executive order would eventually come.
  • And finally, on a slightly lighter note, today is Valentine’s Day and our lawyers—especially the employment ones—have been chiming in on what today means in the law. As could be expected, there’s much insight on how employers should deal—or head-off—interoffice romance.