SEC’s guidance on social media and the new NLRB appointees are trending on LXBN this week

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Social media in a corporate setting, and the National Labor Relations Board—yep, those are both right in the LexBlog Network’s wheelhouse. It should come as no surprise then that each of these two stories have generated the most conversation on LXBN this week.

  •  Last week, the Seecurities and Exchange Commission released guidance on social media use in corporate disclosures. This comes on the heels—well, if you can call something six months later “on the heels”—of NetFlix CEO Reed Hastings getting in trouble for sharing some big viewership numbers in a Facebook status update. The SEC has relaxed on the issue a bit,  validating the use of social media in certain situations for disclosure of information by publicly traded companies. They encourage companies to be cautious though.
  • It seems as though the National Labor Relations Board is always trending on LXBN, but that’s even more the case this week as President Obama nominated three appointees to the NLRB. The appointees include current NLRB Chairman NLRB Chairman, Mark Gaston Pearce, and two Republicans, Harry I. Johnson, III, and Philip A. Miscimarra. It remains to be seen though, if the Senate will confirm the appointees.
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