We are long overdue to update you with what’s trending over on LXBN. As the year comes to a close, we have plenty of subjects lawyers across the Network are offering up commentary on with three in the title you might have expected, and a good (but ridiculous) employment law story coming out of Iowa.

  • It happens every year: blogs across the LexBlog Network put together their 2012 in Review posts as they highlight the biggest stories and most impactful trends we saw in the law in 2012. In just glancing at the posts to appear in that section recently, we have a plethora of subjects covered: trade secrets and noncompetes, immigration, class actions, D&O law, condo law, DWI defense and a lot more.
  • And as some posts and blogs look back at 2012, others look ahead to 2013, with posts there curated onto our 2013 & The Law section. Some subjects covered so far on that page: insurance cases to watch, new employment laws in California, commercial real estate predictions, the IP year ahead, China business law trends and privacy issues to watch. Like with the look back at 2012, there’s much more than just that list in 2013.
  • And what would this post be if it didn’t include the biggest story—legal or not—of the week? That, of course, is the Fiscal Cliff. Have to say, I’m pretty blown away at the response on the LexBlog Network thus far. Also, it isn’t just the response either as our Network of lawyers have been on this story for months; the section now contains just short of fifty posts.
  • The Nelson v. Knight section, at five posts, isn’t nearly as deep as the ones mentioned above—but the story and case behind it are too funny not to include. See, the Iowa Supreme Court recently decided that an employer—in this case, dentist Dr. James Knight of Iowa City—can fire an employee for being too attractive, and nothing else. Knight’s wife was worried about the potential for an inappropriate relationship between dental assistant Ms. Knight, an employee of Nelson’s for a decade, and her husband, so she complained and her husband fired Nelson. Again, the Iowa Supreme Court said this was fine. I’ll let our lawyers explain the details.