Is your law firm using Google+? It ought to be.


Is your law firm taking Google+ lightly? You could be making a mistake. Look at the Google+ stats that Jane Susskind (@JaneSusskind), Director of Social Media at Creative Round, pulled from pulled from Brian Honigman’s (@BrianHonigman) “2012 Social Media Statistics and Figures.”

  • 625,000 people join Google+ every day.
  • Those who use Google+, use it a lot. Active users spend over 60 minutes a day.
  • The “+1” button is used 5 million times a day.
  • 40% of marketers use Google+ and 70% want to learn more about it.
  • 67% of marketers plan on increasing Google+ activities.
  • Websites using the “+1” button increase page traffic by 350%.

I’ve not been a big Google+ user. But a few things have caught my attention of late.

One is that activity on Google+ is growing. More people are sharing items with me on Google+. More people are giving content I share on Google+ a +1. And more people are adding me to a circle of theirs on Google+.

Second, Google+ has a killer mobile interface on the iPad. Better than Facebook and much better than LinkedIn. The world is going mobile. Those social networking sites providing a good mobile environment such as Google+ will add members and have increased user engagement.

Third, Google is forcing people to use Google+. People who create an account to use Gmail, YouTube and other Google services, such as reviews, are also being set up with public Google+ pages.

Search experts such as Tim Stanley at Justia and Gyi Tsakalakis of AttorneySync have always told me lawyers should have a Google+ presence and get their content on Google+. Google is all about search and Google+ is going to effect search.

Talking to tech evangelist and start-up liaison for Rackspace, Robert Scoble, last fall his feeling was why not Google+. Why not get your content posted at each social networking site? Content leads to social interaction, visibility, and engagement. Get it everywhere.

Sure, there are a lot of social networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. Plus you have blogging. It’s not a prudent option though to dismiss anyone one of them.

It’s these social networks where your target audience is spending their time on line. Google+ is one of those places and its importance is growing.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Robert Scoble.

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