A new survey from the Digital Policy Council (DPC) shows that 75 percent of the world’s heads of state have a presence on Twitter. This from Colleen Taylor (@loyalelectron) at TechCrunch.

Of 164 countries surveyed, 123 of them have a head of state that is on Twitter with either with a personal handle or an official government one. That’s an 80% increase from 2011, when 69 countries had head of state with a Twitter presence.

What is the percent of managing partners in large law with a Twitter presence? How big an increase have we seen in the growth of managing with a Twitter presence in the last year?

Perhaps the better question — are there any managing partners on Twitter? If so, do they have an effective Twitter presence?

In this day and age when technology and social communication is part of the fabric of our personal and business lives, it seems a dereliction of duty for a managing partner to ignore Twitter.