Using Facebook this Christmas has opened my eyes to just how big Facebook is going to become.

I have been further ‘connecting’ with friends from high school, relatives, clients, and other friends with Facebook like mad this Christmas season.Maybe I’m nuts, Mrs. RLHB thinks so.

Pictures of Christmas trees, dinners, Christmas shopping, kids, parents, gifts, snow in the backyard, churches and you name it. Stories of human suffering and human celebration shared by each other.

All of these pictures and stories drive our emotions and bring free flowing comments and ‘likes.’ Comments and ‘likes’ that bring us together in a new way and ones which grow relationships.

Sure, there already one Billion registered users. But not all of those users are regularly or effectively using Facebook. In addition, less than half the world is using Facebook

You can expect Facebook to become as ubiquitous as cell phones. It’s a relationship utility the likes of which we have never had before.

Sure there is going to be uneasiness about privacy and communicating online about personal affairs. That’s because we have not developed online norms and protocols. We know where the knife and fork go, we don’t how we’re all ‘supposed’ to act on Facebook.

Expect Facebook to be as big for business relationships as with relationships with friends and relatives. Like the phone, we’ll use Facebook for both.

An interesting world Zuck has brought us out of a college dorm room. Perhaps impacting us more than Alexander Graham Bell did with his phone.