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Legal Marketing Association Tech Conference : Oct 11 in San Francisco

legal marketing technolgy west 2012The Legal Marketing Association Bay Area Chapter is holding its 13th annual LMA Tech Conference/West in San Francisco on October 11.

Billed as the largest legal technology, educational and networking event of 2012, the day-long event is focused on legal marketing technologies. This year they’re expecting more attendees, expert speakers (including me) and decision makers participating.

The conference has expanded its programming to be as relevant to as many people as possible. What’s particularly exciting for me is that the program is not only tailored to legal marketing professionals and large firm lawyers, but the majority of the sessions are tailored for solo and small firm lawyers as well.

There will be three tracks this year:

  • The Cutting Edge: This track will include knowledgeable speakers including in house marketing professionals, technology vendors, and consultants to present on the leading technologies to help us stay ahead of the curve.
  • Getting Started: This track will include step-by-step guidance in how to get started with many of the technologies that are critical to our success.
  • Rubber Meets the Road: This track will include technology implementers from CMOs to CIOs and General Counsel who will share with us what works and what doesn’t.

You may register on the site. Use TechDayLXBN to receive $50 off the price of admission. It’s an honor for LXBN (LexBlog Network) to be one of the contributing sponsors.

Check out the advance video interviews of many of the conferences expert speakers over at ‘LXBN’s Legal Marketing Technology Conference West‘ page.

See you in San Francisco in a few weeks.

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