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What does Twitter's new look offer law firms?

Twitter is rolling out a new look across the web and new mobile apps, per Julia Boorstin, media reporter for CNBC (@jboorstin). A look offering a consistent, more personalized and photo-heavy experience.

Twitter debuted its new look on the Today Show this morning, depicting a sample profile page. New Twitter Profile Page Though billed by many as making Twitter more Facebook-like (photo display in feeds), there are a number of positive implications for lawyers and law firms. Here’s Boorstin’s points with my commentary as to how they apply to law.

  • You will be able customize profile pages with more photos/branding and more information about yourself. Your profile may include a large photo or graphic behind your ‘avatar’ picture, just as Facebook allows users to set a massive wallpaper at the top of their profile page. Think professionally done branded Twitter pages identifying your law firm (logo), location, practice groups, or the industries/consumer groups you represent.
  • Users will be able to easily browse tweeted photos, even on smartphones, and easily watch video without leaving the platform. Photos may not be mission critical for a law firm social strategy, but video is. Your law firm produced video (hopefully educational or information based) will be able to move and be viewed through the Twitter ecosystem – to followers and the followers of those who retweet your videos.
  • By upgrading its mobile apps, Twitter is clearly looking to capitalize on its strength in mobile ($129.7 million in mobile advertising to Facebook’s $72.7 million). Law firm clients and the influencers of law firm clients (bloggers, mainstream media, association leaders, social media users) are heavy users of mobile – especially when it comes to the consumption of news and information. Your law firm’s mobile strategy ought to focus on leveraging existing social networks people are already using and the improvements these networks are making, ala Twitter, rather than developing your own mobile applications.

Twitter is a tremendous business development tool for lawyers and law firms. By sharing news and information you’ll develop a network of followers, some who will share what you share with others and some who you will go on to build relationships with.

Best of all for extending your reach and visibility, as Boorstin reported, “Facebook is about sharing with people you know, while Twitter is about sharing with the world beyond your friend network.”

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