LinkedIn has unveiled a new redesign for company pages, making them more attractive and relevant for both users and businesses, including law firms. The new company page is part of LinkedIn’s revamping its core products to make them more interactive — and social.

Mike Grishaver (@mgris), who leads Company Pages Product and Monetization at LinkedIn, is pretty succinct in what the new Company Pages offer.

For members, this means easier access to the information you want about the companies you care about. For companies, this means a more powerful way to build relationships with your target audience on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn will now focus on providing users with information and updates that are relevant to them as opposed to the standard and impersonalized stream of updates, which is what LinkedIn, has now. These changes will make it much easier for companies to connect with users and create a brand presence. Although with the new company pages there is no longer a blog section, LinkedIn says you are better off sharing blog content on your company’s newsfeed.

The redesign is also more visually appealing. The old company pages are made up of mostly text, with no features to help companies grab the users’ attention. Now law firms can upload an image to their page that best represents their brand. This new feature is quite similar to Facebook’s use of cover photos on their user profiles and business pages.

These new changes make LinkedIn a much greater competitor to other social networking sites when it comes to business marketing. Even before this makeover, LinkedIn has been a great way to promote your  law firm. This redesign is just one of the many valuable features LinkedIn has added over the past couple of months that help law firms market through the social networking site.

The announcement of the new look for LinkedIn Company Pages came right after their debut of the notifications feature. Now business owners are informed when someone likes shared content, views their profile, accepts an invitation, or sends them a message. This allows business owners can easily engage with users by replying back when someone comments or promptly answering questions a user might have.

In April, LinkedIn added the capability of targeted updates. With Targeted Updates you can deliver highly relevant content to targeted audiences to drive increased engagement. I talked about what this means for law firms and lawyers in a previous blog post, “LinkedIn Targeted Updates: Law firms deliver content to focused group

With all of these substantial changes LinkedIn has made for company pages over just the last six months we can definitely expect that there is more to come. LinkedIn also announced that users would now be able to see Company Pages on iPhone and Adroid apps from their mobile devices as well as receive notifications. Although users aren’t yet able to edit their profile from mobile apps too, we can expect that in the near future.

If you have yet to create a LinkedIn company page, you are missing out on a vital and powerful tool in your online marketing efforts. A company page is great way to advertise your experience, expertise, and your practice to the over 175 million registered LinkedIn users