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LXBN : Unique and growing network of legal insight and commentary

LXBN NetworkDay in and day out the 7,000-plus lawyers on LXBN, the LexBlog Network, maintain a remarkable collective ability to provide unique insight and commentary on major news stories—both inside of the law and out, via law blogs and other social media.

When I founded LexBlog almost 9 years ago, I saw a professional turnkey blog solution as an effective Internet marketing tool for lawyers to develop a reputation as a trusted and reliable authority in niches in which they had a combined passion and expertise.

But LexBlog today, or perhaps better put, LXBN, has become so much more.

  • LXBN has grown into the world’s largest curated collection of professional blogs with more than 7,000 lawyer-authors providing constantly updated flow of free legal insight, information and analysis.
  • LXBN is network of good lawyers from around the world providing unique insight and commentary on a myriad of topics allowing us to aggregate and curate this content to create multiple points of exposure for LXBN members.
  • LXBN is a powerful listening tool for lawyers and others looking to engage or source legal authorities via LXBN. Think targeted RSS reader via a reader or Flipboard.
  • LXBN is powerful network of professionals getting to know each other so as to build relationships, build personal networks, build reputations, and grow their businesses.
  • Due to its reach, LXBN, has been asked to cover conferences such as LegalTech, produced by ALM, and the The Social & Digital Media for Law Firms Forum, produced by the Hildebrandt Institute, a division of Thomson Reuters.

As a LXBN user, in addition to browsing legal channels, you can browse selected commentary on unique ‘tagged’ subjects by just hitting any tag beneath a post, whether its on the front page, a channel page, such as employment and labor, or the search results for a term you have entered, such as ACA.

These tags were not added for SEO or without thought—each one has been created by our editorial team so as to take you to carefully-curated content.

Take a look at some of the unique insight we’ve seen from LXBN members this summer and tagged for LXBN users. On many of the subjects we even have a deep backlog of commentary.

  • Apple v. Samsung, the biggest intellectual property case in years.
  • Lance Armstrong, whose fight against doping charges we’ve been curating commentary on for some time.
  • The Libor scandal, where a network of global banks were caught fixed a crucial interest rate for massive financial gain.
  • But it isn’t just the more-known legal stories, it’s also legal takes on popular subjects, like the London Olympics for example.

Like the Olympics, we’ve seen similar commentary surrounding Hurricane Isaac, which is making landfall as of this writing.

Here’s a taste of what LXBN members are expressing, both out of concern and insight.

Florida construction Lawyer, Sanjay Kurian, tells residents along the Gulf Coast how they can properly prepare to endure the force of Tropical Storm Isaac in his blog post: “Hurricane Isaac Preparedness

Although things may change it is always best to be prepared. For individuals this means securing adequate food, water and medication as well as ensuring personal safety along with the safety of loved ones and pets.

To help prepare for Hurricane Issac, Becker & Poliakoff shares their 12-point Hurricane Preparedness Checklist for Condominium and Homeowner Associations.

Michelle Claverol of Florida’s Merlin Law Group discusses when a business may be able to pursue a business income loss claim in her blog post, “Isaac May Trigger Civil Authority Coverage for Business in South Florida –Understanding Business Interruption Claims.”

It is not unusual for government authorities (police, fire, city) to order an evacuation or prohibit access to a certain area due to public safety concerns when a natural disaster, riot or other life threatening event is imminent. When this occurs, businesses are forced to shut down their operations until further notice. If a business has purchased standard business income coverage (CP 00 30), it is likely that the policy also includes Civil Authority coverage for any business income losses caused by a government mandate.

Scott Gordon, another Florida based attorney, is devoted to helping resident owned community managers and directors deal with a vast variety of legal issues.

With hurricane season in full swing, and Hurricane Isaac about to make landfall, Gordon lists a few reminders ROC managers (and board members that remain in Florida during the “off season”) should be familiar with in his blog post: “All Eyes on Isaac!

After Katrina, Mississippi native son and attorney Philip Thomas, isn’t going to take any chances with Hurricane Isaac. He shares his experience and what he learned in his post, “Keeping Fingers Crossed Over Isaac.”

Prepare for the worst and hope that like many other times, it doesn’t turn out to be the worst… My new rule with my staff after Katrina is to follow the schools’ lead. If schools are closed, then the office is closed. If the schools are open, then we’re open. This rule has worked well and keeps me from having to play Nash Roberts.

As LXBN grows to over 10,000 members in the coming year, I couldn’t be prouder of the role the entire LXBN and LexBlog team plays in showcasing good lawyers via the social media commentary and insight they freely offer.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Alexander Baxevanis.

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