The month-long Apple-Samsung Patent trial started a couple days ago and will continue for nearly a month. To get the live blow by blow directly from the courtroom follow theses reporters journalists live tweeting from the courtroom.

Howard Mintz (@hmintz), legal affairs reporter at Mercury News in Silicon Valley is live blogging the trial and tweeting personally. Mintz has been with Mercury News for over 15 years, covering a variety of courts in California. He has covered many of the major legal cases on the West Coast, including the recent Proposition 8 trial.

Reuters legal reporter, Dan Levine(@FedcourtJunkie) is also tweeting.

Award winning legal reporter for the Recorder, Amy Miller (@Siliconlaw), is tweeting. Amy has 10 years of experience writing for newspapers, magazines, radio, and websites.

Ginny LaRoe (@GinnyLaRoe), former federal courts reporter, now Associate Editor at The Recorder is tweeting.

Martyn Williams (@martyn_williams), Senior Correspondent at IDG News Service, is also tweeting. Williams produces multimedia coverage for IDG, a newswire feeding tech publications such as PC World and Macworld. While based in Japan for 16 years, he covered many of the largest stories in tech, both in Japan and worldwide.

Apple reporter for CNET News, Josh Lowensohn (@Josh), is tweeting.

Christina Bonnington (@redgirlsays), Gadget Lab Staff Writer at Wired Digital is tweeting as well as blogging about the trial. Christina is a technology journalist, covering among other things, Apple, Microsoft, and robotics. You can see her on video on the weekly Gadget Lab podcast.

You may also follow the #iCourt hashtag on Twitter by which you’ll pick up these folks tweets as well as others commenting on the Apple v. Samsung.
  Pleadings and other court documents from the case are available from Justia. You can also subscribe to the Justia docket report by RSS.