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SoundCloud: Unmuting the Web

SoundCloud is a social media platform or more fittingly a social sound platform that makes it easy for anybody to be a sound creator and spread their recordings on the web. Like FaceBook, Twitter, and other social media outlets, SoundCloud has been around for a while, but bloggers are just starting to realize the benefits of using this service.

Founder and editor of ProBlogger, Darren Rowse (@problogger), summarizes a podcast of an interview with Evan Tenenbaum, SoundCloud’s Audio-content Manager in his post “SoundCloud: for Bloggers, Not Just Musicians.” When it comes to podcasting people used to only be interested in downloading the content onto their devices, now individuals on the web are more interested in streaming things.  Rowse notes that “SoundCloud is its own community –like YouTube –so by hosting your podcast there, you can reach an audience whose attention you might struggle to get otherwise.”

SoundCloud strives to “unmute the web.” All you need is an iPad or iPhone, you don’t need any special type of microphone. When it comes to podcasting it’s as straightforward as recording something and linking it from your blog.

In order to build your brand and achieve brand recognition you must move into the social media field and engage your audience. Tenanbaum suggests imbedding audio on your Facebook page, Google + and other platforms even just once a week, this acclimates your audience to expect that kind of content from you and creates a destination for them.

In the podcast, Tenanbaum also discussed SoundCloud’s new integration with FlipBoard. This allows you to multitask by listening to content while you are flipping through and reading. Audio is the only medium where you can engage with content while doing other stuff such as plugging your iPhone or iPad into your car and listening to FlipBoard channels while driving. Everyone on SoundCloud is available on FlipBoard, it is just a matter of getting your content on SoundCloud.

In Robert Scoble’s interview of me last week, he talks about how he uses SoundCloud, “Here’s a little trick I’m doing, I’m using SoundCloud right now, but I’m going to tweet this, it’s going to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, that’s four opportunities to get into FlipBoard because FlipBoard has SoundCloud import so if you do a search for Scobleizer or your blog you’ll probably find the link to this SoundCloud.” This is a way to grab all those audiences and bring them together.

There are endless innovative uses of technology that already exist that lawyers can build upon. Instead of reinventing, lawyers need to use what is already out there because that is what people already have in their hands. SoundCloud is something you can build upon.