Scoble and OKeefeI had the pleasure of welcoming Robert Scoble to LexBlog’s office yesterday.

Described in Wikipedia as an American blogger and technologist and now serving as Startup Liaison Officer for Rackspace, Robert has done as much for blogging and social media as any person I know of.

  • He developed Channel 9 on the Microsoft Development Network which brought a level of transparency to Microsoft, the likes of which the company had never seen before, and which played a huge part in breaking down the image of Microsoft as the evil empire.
  • Co-authored with Shel Israel, Naked Conversations, the seminal book on corporate blogging.
  • Stays in touch with the latest in technology and assimilates it for industry leaders to luddites through his travel and interviews of innovators across the world.

Robert has not only been a strong influence on me, but as I told him yesterday, but for him and the people he introduced me to through his blog, LexBlog and the LexBlog Network (LXBN) would never have been possible.

Through his blogging I came to truly understand how the Internet and marketing is a conversation. It was in November, 2005, when Robert said if you don’t talk about me in your blogging, I can’t hear you. Not meant to be egotistical, he was referring to the need to join the conversation by engaging others – for if you don’t join the conversation, you’ll not get thought leaders and influencers to take notice of you and to share the insight you’re offering.

Here’s Robert’s interview of me yesterday. It’s about 30 minutes long, but you’ll learn as much from Robert as me during our exchange.

Thanks again Robert for all you’ve done for legal blogging — whether you know it or not.