Blog posts from LexBlog Network members are becoming increasingly more popular on Flipboard.

This morning I was flipping through the LexBlog Network on Flipboard and was not only drawn to the diversity of the legal content being presented and the beauty in which Flipboard presents our network, but our network’s posts being labeled as “Popular on Flipboard.”

Flipboard highlights popular stories based on how often Flipboard readers interact with them and marks them with the red “Popular on Flipboard” label.

Here’s this morning’s ‘cover’ of the LexBlog Network on Flipboard.

LexBlog Network Flipboard Cover

  Heres’s a post from Reed Smith’s Global Regulatory Enforcement Law Blog being called out as popular by Flipboard. Flipboard LexBlog Network Global Regulatory Enforcemenat Law And another marked as popular from the South Carolina Family Law Blog published by the Stevens Firm. Flipboard LexBlog Network South Carolina Family Law And a third called out as popular by Flipboard from Supplemental Conditions published by Philadelphia Attorney Wally Zimolong. Flipboard LexBlog Network supplemental conditions If you are unfamiliar with Flipboard, it’s a very popular social magazine for the iPad, iPhone, and now, Android mobile devices.  It launched to critical raves in 2010 and is only getting better and better.

Flipboard collects the content of selected social media, news sites, magazines, and websites and presents the content in a visually appealing magazine format. Rather than click and browse, Flipbord allows you to “flip” through your selected sources and social media feeds.

With one in nine iPad owners using Flipboard, it’s probably become the leading mobile application presenting web and social content in this fashion. For publishers looking to get their content out via social sharing and via mobile, Flipboard is a heck of a compelling platform. I know I’m glad our LexBlog Network, with it’s approaching 8,000 authors, is picking up greater presence on Flipboard.

To get the LexBlog Network on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device, just search LXBN and add it, by hitting the plus sign, to your Flipboard front page.