20120602-142727.jpgI’ve blogged before about the benefits, or at least the efficiencies, of using an iPad for business development.

Three handy additions to use with your iPad are the Apple Wireless Keyboard, the Origami Workstation for iPad and Wireless Keyboard , and the Timbuk2 Quickie (extra small – 12″) for Tablets.

You’ve now get a slick stand from which to display your iPad, a full size top notch keyboard, and slick small case with 2 small pockets in which to carry them. Say good buy to a larger briefcase, knapsack, heavier laptop. All for about $150.

I looked around and did some Google research as to the best set up for getting a full size keyboard and stand for my iPad. There were some things out there but nothing seemed to be the equal – especially when the keyboard and iPad (2/3 of the set up) are from Apple, known for function and simplicity.

I find this set up for keying and browsing the equal of my Macbook Air for most of how I use the Internet.

  • Lighter than my laptop.
  • Much easier to use on a plane.
  • Better for note taking and sharing while at conferences. I use my iPad alone, not my Macbook Air, for presentations.
  • Nicer while sitting in my family room placing my self created ‘laptop’ on the arm of my chair.

I now use my iPad and this set up for all of my work outside the office.

I blog on my iPad while in coffee shops and at home. I do blog from my Macbook Air in the office because it powers my 30 inch display and the native WordPress publisher in a browser has more features and is a little easier to use than the WordPress app on my iPad.

Give the set up a try. I think you’ll like it.

If you have another set up you are using for your iPad, share it in comments here for other memebers of the RLHB community.