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Buffer : Can it improve my use of Twitter?

I use Twitter. Religiously.

I have a veracious appetite to read, consume, digest, and share information. Whether it’s coming from the mainstream media, blogs, books, or from things people have said online or offline. I like learning and I like sharing what I am learning with the world – or at least my little slice of the world.

Twitter is where I take notes. By and large, I don’t store things I read and hear other places – I store them on Twitter. I go back in my Tweets looking for items I have read so I can use them in blogs and presentations. Efficient? Perhaps not. But it’s me.

And it’s from Twitter that relationships build and grow. It’s how I meet more people and let people know I am around them so we can get together. Strange? Perhaps, but it works.

The problem I hear from some of my Twitter followers is that my Tweets come at them like machine gun fire. ‘Great stuff, but it’s coming too fast.’ I discount some of the feedback as it’s coming from folks who don’t understand how to use Twitter and don’t realize you don’t have to read everything.

But folks have a good point. ‘Can you spread your tweets out — even a little bit?’

Could Buffer be the answer?

Buffer is an app which allows you to schedule your Tweets and spread them out a little bit. Buffer is billed as enabling to share your Tweets through out the day. I don’t want to use it for that.

I want to be authentic in my Tweets. I want to be on the other end of the line as much as I can when I am Tweeting. People retweet what I share. People send me direct messages via Twitter when they know I am on Twitter. I even received phone calls from people who see I am on line and available.

Loading in 85 Tweets to be a wannabe Guy Kawasaki is not my goal. I want to share the same amount of stuff I share now. I just want to provide a little breathing room – a few minutes, maybe even 10, between Tweets.

I haven’t tried Buffer before because it was not integrated into the apps I use to read and share information — Mr. Reader, Flipboard, Zite, etc.. But Buffer is now included as a service I can deploy in each of those apps – and more.

So I am going to give Buffer a try to allow my Twitter followers to take a drink from other than a firehouse. I’ll still be on the other end of the line though.

Let me know what you think.

Give Buffer a try if helpful for you. The founders have been very responsive in my exchanges with them — seem like good folks.

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