wordpress growth dominanceTom Ewer shared on WPMU.org (The WordPress Experts) ‘20 Compelling Statistics that Represent the Dominance of WordPress.‘ Read them all, but five figures struck me as compelling evidence of what I already know – that WordPress is becoming the digital publishing platform of record for the world.

  • 25% of all websites run on WordPress as of 2011.
  • 14.7% of the top million websites worldwide representing small, medium and big business run on WordPress.
  • 22% of all active domains created in the USA run on WordPress.
  • WordPress software has been downloaded 65 million times since the release of version 3 in June 2010. (Multiple sites run on one download)
  • WordPress publishes in 120 different languages.

Just as LinkedIn has become a lawyer’s profile of record, you can expect WordPress to become a law firm’s publishing platform of record. Today, for external digital publishing – blogs, websites etc by law firms and legal publishers. In the future, for internal law firm and company publishing, so that information can seamlessly flow from inside an organization to clients, prospective clients, business partners, and other publishers via RSS for syndication onto various platforms and devices (think iPad and other tablets). Just as law firms moved from WordPerfect to Word (some dropout from Harvard gave us this) for word processing, law firms, as well as legal publishers, are going to switch from a myriad of publishing platforms to WordPress. Some law firms and legal publishers will manage WordPress on their own, most will rely on innovative tech driven publishing houses to help and empower them. Either way, you can expect law firms and legal publishers to go to WordPress en masse.