The Legal Marketing Association (LMA) 2012 Annual Conference in Dallas has been a first class event offering exceptional value to legal marketing professionals, lawyers, and those companies serving the legal industry.

In addition to educational sessions, the conference has presented excellent networking opportunities:

  • Professional to professional
  • Professional to principals of companies serving the industry
  • Principals of companies serving the industry with each other

I’m sitting in a four hour workshop this afternoon on social media. Done well, the session offers a highly interactive environment where there’s genuine debate about the merits of social media.

The workshop is only being attended by about 75 people who paid for this last afternoon luncheon and workshop, but it’s an example of the quality of programming and networking that takes place at LMA Annual conferences.

I’d advise anyone in the law who is concerned about business development and the bottom line revenues of a law firm attend.

  • Lawyers
  • Business development professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • PR and marketing professionals
  • Principals and business development professionals in companies serving the profession

If your law firm won’t pay your way to an LMA annual, suck it up and pull out your own credit card. It’ll help you today.

Plus, by attending you’ll get the opportunity to network with professionals at more progressive firms that value their employees growth and to get a job at one of those firms.