LMA Annual Conference DallasI’ll be in Dallas tomorrow afternoon through Friday evening. First to meet with a couple law firms on Tuesday afternoon and then to attend the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Conference in Grapevine. I attend the LMA conference each year.

  • It’s an excellent opportunity to meet LexBlog clients, many of whom also attend. There is no substitute for face to face meetings to nurture relationships and to learn how we can improve what we do for our clients.
  • LMA pulls together an excellent program with excellent presenters covering a broad range of subjects. This year is no exception, including the added track for NLJ250 CMO’s.
  • Law firm leaders are always looking for insight on why blogging and other social media works for some law firms and not for others. I want to make myself available to those folks who’d like to pick my brain on the subject.

I’d welcome meeting you, LexBlog client or not, while in Dallas. My email is kevin@lexblog.com and you may call or text my cell at 206 321 3627. Safe travels.