People often look at WordPress as a simple blogging tool that you set up on your own on a wing and prayer. The fact is that WordPress is a much more powerful database driven publishing tool than platforms many of us built 10 or 12 years at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Put WordPress in the hands of some crack engineers, designers, developers, and project managers, and you can kick out some wonderful websites. Want to call them blogs, that’s fine. But you’ll have to concede then that many websites today are built on blog software — WordPress. Sarah Gooding (@pollyplummer), a partner at Untame LLC, a boutique digital marketing firm, had a good post this morning on 15 news and political blogs built with WordPress. As Goodling says, take a look and you’ll see “…[W]hat WordPress is capable of providing for a high-impact political blog, online magazine or campaign site.” Here’s just a few of the WordPress sites highlighted by Goodling.  

CNN Political Ticker on WordPress

Reuters Blogs on WordPress

You can see why the engineers, developers, designers, project services, and client services folks at LexBlog are so excited to be using WordPress as the publishing platform now driving the blogs on LXBN (LexBlog Network). Let alone many of the over the 7,000 bloggers on LXBN who have chosen to upgrade to WordPress. The bloggers are loving the experience.

If you haven’t checked out (@wpmuorg), my source for this post, you ought to do so. It’s the number one source on the web for WordPress news, tips, plugins, and theme reviews.