Flipboard Cover Stories RSS LawyersDelivery and consumption of news and information other than via RSS is no longer an option for lawyers and law firms. Lawyers not using RSS to receive custom tailored news, insight, and commentary are just saying they have too much time on their hands. They get their news on the net by browsing and skimming through websites, viewing email newsletters, and reading the silliest of them all, pdf’s. Law firms who are not distributing information, news, and insight, which they have historically distributed via their websites, emails, and pdf’s are both grossly inconveniencing the most important consumers of their content (amplifiers and influencers who get such info via RSS), and limiting their audience to the people who know the firm exists or who limit their consumption to standard Google searches. Influencers and amplifiers, as well as people who like to stay up to speed (good lawyers), monitor keywords, key phrases, subjects, names of people, names of companies, court cases, regulations etc via RSS feeds coming from Google News and Google Blog Search. If your law firm’s content is not distributed by RSS enabled blogs, the flow of your content and the people who will read it are severely limited. Fortunately for lawyers looking to consume content via RSS feeds and for law firms looking to understand how their content is distributed via RSS, we have eloquent applications like Flipboard for retrieving and displaying info distributed by RSS. Flipboard on your iPad (get one) or iPhone makes the consumption of content by you as lawyer a hundred times easier. Flipboard is a social-network aggregator which collects the content of social media (RSS, Blogs, Twitter) and presents it in magazine format and allows users to “flip” through their social-networking feeds. Typography overlays on photos and beautiful images make the social magazine pages resemble the beauty of print design. Last week Flipboard released Cover Stories, making Flipboard and consuming RSS fees that much better.

Cover Stories gives readers one place to quickly catch up on some of the most interesting stories, posts and photos from everything they have connected to their Flipboard. Cover Stories shows up as a new, “double tile” on Flipboard’s first page. Cover Stories learns what readers like from their interactions with news, posts and photos shared by friends and sources. Over time Cover Stories on Flipboard gets more and more relevant, giving readers one place to quickly catch up on their social news.

Flipboard, already a very popular news and social media aggregator among lawyers, continues to improve. As I’ve blog previously, Flipboard could drive the future of legal publishing.