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Social media : It's how we get our news

February 28, 2012

Social Media how we get newsIt used to be we got our news from the newspaper and the television news. No more. An increasing number of people now get their news from social media, whether it be blogs, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkeIn. This from Victor Talha of  Digital Age Marketing Group in an article on the growing trend of receiving news from social media.

A new study by AYTM Research showed that 12.9 respondents to a survey said that they got their news from a social media website. The survey also found that 54.7 percent of the people surveyed found out about breaking news on Facebook and 19.9 percent on Twitter. This emphasizes how important it is for a legal internet marketing company to post news content on a variety of social media platforms.

Sure, there’s still support if you wish to argue that’s not how most of your clients and prospective clients get their news.

The majority of those surveyed still rely on newspapers and news sites for news, but getting the news on social media is poised to grow and many agencies offer applications, which deliver news directly to social media accounts.

But the influencers and amplifiers, a more important audience for your blogged content than clients and prospective clients, get and move news through social media. And that’s to your benefit as a blogger.

News content on social media can lead to more visits on a website through sharing. People trust their friends and are likely to look atcontent posted by their followers or friends. This gives a legal internet marketing company the opportunity to reach more people and boost their client’s page rankings.

Last year I looked at a very smart law firm business development professional I was talking with like she had two heads when she told me she got most of her news from Facebook. The people she trusted most, her friends in Facebook, regularly shared via Facebook the news and info they were reading. She got the news from the people she trsuted. One day last week Facebook was the leading source of traffic to my blog. Seemed strange until I realized those folks were coming to my blog because people they trusted who followed my blog were sharing my blog posts in Facebook. Trust moves the news. And social media is all about trust. It’s a good and growing fit.