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Twitter reaches 500 million accounts

February 26, 2012

Shortly after 1 P.M last Wednesday, Twitter reached 500 Million accounts and continues to grow at the rate of 13 new accounts per second. Wondering where I fell in on Twitter’s hockey stick growth chart, I checked out Raak which tracks Twitter growth. Turns out I joined on the blade of the hockey stick.

Twitter reaches 500 million users

I first blogged about Twitter in 2007 responding to a couple people I respected who saw value in this thing I just didn’t get.

I viewed Twitter as a ‘my cat just rolled over, isn’t that cool’ thing that would never be used by lawyers, at least in any effective way. I registered at Twitter, received messages saying someone was ‘following me at Twitter,’ but never did anything with Twitter – especially to even think of following someone else. People who know me know the last thing I need is another thing that will easily distract me. Twitter looked like attention deficit disorder on steroids. I may give Twitter a try If nothing more than to respond to client questions about Twitter. But if Shel [Israel]is right that I can follow people in my network and get to know them better through Twitter and possibly share ideas we’re working on, there could be real value.

20,000 tweets of mine latter, I can safely say I’ve found real value in Twitter.

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