Finis Price : Our legal profession lost a good and decent guy

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Finis PriceWe lost a good person and fine lawyer last Thursday night when Finis Price lost his life in an accident.

I knew Finis from his site on which he shared his passion for technology with fellow lawyers and from the ABA TechShow, at which he regularly presented.

It wasn’t until a couple days ago that I discovered Finis was a fellow plaintiff’s trial lawyer successfully assisting injury victims and their family members recover the compensation they deserved. Makes total sense based on his passion for doing the right thing by people.

Last night I took a look around the net to see what fellow attorneys were saying about Finis. Here’s some of the moving thoughts I came across.

From South Carolina Attorney, Ben Stevens’ Tribute to Finis Price:

Finis was one of “those guys.” You know, the kind of person that you can trust to always be there for you, no matter what. A guy that you might not talk to for a while, but the next time you do, it’s as if no time has passed at all. Someone that would run toward people in their time of need instead of running away from them. Basically, the kind of guy that everyone should strive to be.

I try to surround myself with smart friends, and Finis was one of the very brightest. Whenever I encountered a tech issue that I couldn’t figure out, I’d reach out to Finis, usually in a time of great need and often at odd hours. He would always provide a solution that worked, without exception. In fact, if you look closely at the photo above, you can tell from the expression on my face that I was literally thinking “it’s just not fair that he is that much smarter than me”. Finis was a true genius, and I don’t throw that word around lightly.

Larry Port of Rocket Matter penned In memory of Finis Price, which read in part:

Finis played many roles – he was a loving husband, a lawyer, a trial presentation consultant, a member of his local community, a technology consultant, and to many of us, a great friend. Finis’ enthusiasm about life was infectious. His interests ran many and deep. I often told people he knew more things about more things than anyone else I’ve ever met. He was constantly in the moment. His laugh, humor, and passion were infectious. His eyes would get big, almost like a kid, when he would talk about things that interested him. Every moment I spent with him was totally engaging and positive. Finis was one of those guys that made you feel more alive and alert.

From Kentucky Attorney Larry Jones:

Finis was an outsider of sorts. In a world of egomaniacs (trial lawyers have incredible egos), Finis had no ego. Sure, he was brilliant, technologically savvy, and had a sharp legal mind; but he never tried to make you feel as though he was right and you were wrong. He helped numerous older lawyers, and newer ones too, adopt the latest technologies that would allow them to compete with the large insurance defense firms. Finis cared about seeking justice and making sure that injured clients had it –whether they were his clients or someone else’s clients.

This from Kentucky Attorney Mark Stevens who penned that his prayers went out to Finnis’ family:

I immediately remember that infectious laugh of Finis’s that would erupt without preparation but be full of heart. I remember the times I met him in the wee hours of the morning in line to pick up the newest iPhone or iPad. The times when we just shared thoughts which were meandering in our minds in the present.

The calls at odd hours when a burning question was ever present in our heads. The “what ifs”, the “how comes”, and the “just maybes” that stretch the edges of possibility in hopes of a probability. Usually, the cries of panic were from me as my Apple was not acting the way it was supposed to be acting.

Finis was the emobidment of my favorite quote. One from Robert F. Kennedy – “There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

Finis was one of the few men who would say a silent prayer before our meals, regardless of location, regardless of who was present. Bearing silent witness to others of his faith.

From Nashville Attorney, Stephen Weaver, who had been with Finnis last week:

Finis freely gave to the legal community, both as a speaker and to many of us one-on-one as a friend.  I can honestly say that I am a better lawyer be cause of Finis Price.

I’ll remember Finis’ last blog post for a long time. He have me a shout out, agreeing with my blog post that ghost blogging had no place in legal blogging.

Finis and his wife, Heather, poured all their resources into their business, TechnoEsq. As a result he left little in the way of savings.

The Kentucky Justice Association has set up a restricted fund to accept donations, and all proceeds will go to his wife. If you would like to contribute, please send your contributions (be sure to note “Finis Price” in the memo line) to Kentucky Justice Association, 10602 Timberwood Cir # 8, Louisville, KY 40223-5367.

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