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Yes, I am talking to you lawyers.

On the way into the office this morning, I was listening to the NY Times best selling book, Crush It, by Gary Vaynerchuk, which maps outs Vaynerchuk’s rules for following your passion and building out your personal brand using the social media tools at our disposal today.

In the first chapter Vaynerchuk laid out the opportunities and some of the items he would cover in his book. Note that he even singles out lawyers.

  • How to correctly channel your passion into a blog followed by people interested in following your personal brand.
  • Why building a personal brand through social media is crucial to a professional’s survival and advancement, no matter what field you are in. “Yes, I am talking to you lawyers.” (emphasis added)
  • Why you should make plans to grow your business around your personal brand and leave your current job even if you’re happily employed.
  • How social media provides you the data you’ll need to find the next social trend and financial opportunity.
  • How companies should use social networks to shape their stories and strengthen their brand.
  • How to build legacies, which is always greater than currency, and the mortar to a successful brand and lasting business.
  • Social media give entrepreneurs an unprecedented chance to engage with their customers and communicate their message.

I am not suggesting that lawyers leave their jobs. But I am feeling a lot of insecurity in lawyers when it comes to their future.

From young lawyers who are struggling to gain full-time employment in the law. And from senior lawyers in large firms who are feeling the pressure that there is not as much work to go around because of corporate America being more discriminate in who they hire, for what legal services, and on what terms.

When a senior lawyer in a larger firm has not developed a personal brand and book of business, they may even be looked at as a liability, as opposed to an asset. This because of their high salary compared to a younger lawyer.

I am seeing a growing trend among lawyers, both young and old, turning to blogging to develop their personal brand and reputation. By doing so they, the lawyers are able to follow their passion and control their future.

Vaynerchuk is right. Unlike never before, a lawyer can channel their passion into a blog that will be followed by those interested in what the lawyer does and who are either in need of relevant legal services or influence those who do.

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