Blogs are only one component of the online networking equation. You need to go out to where the people are, and Facebook gives you tremendous opportunity to connect and develop yourself as a legal authority.

Lexblog CEO Kevin O’Keefe started the August client webinar by putting Facebook into perspective as far as its impact on the world: nearly one billion individuals count themselves as members. Over 30% of people on the Internet frequently visit Facebook, and the volume of information being shared and consumed is staggering.

Kevin shared how he uses Facebook, and gave examples of a few individuals and pages that he thinks are doing it well. He also touched briefly upon the privacy changes Facebook announced on August 23 — Mashable has a great overview, for those looking to learn more.

You can download a PDF of the MindMap Kevin worked from during the session by clicking the image above and can view the webinar in its entirely at LexBlog’s events center. Please feel free to share any questions or thoughts in the comments area below — or on Facebook.