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Meet Lyda Hawes, LexBlog's Director of Client Services

Lyda Hawes, LexBlog’s Director of Client Services, knows what it’s like to help a group of people who, because of their occupation, need to earn their reputation with the general public.

Hawes comes to LexBlog from The Cobalt Group, where she managed a team of account managers and 45 specialists who developed and implemented search engine optimization strategies for over 5,000 automotive dealership websites. Like car-dealers, she feels the public perception towards lawyers is off-base.

“I don’t know about what’s out there in the media and perceptions around lawyers,” Hawes said. “You know, there are isolated ones who make a bad name for people but, by and large, these are people that are trying to make a business for themselves and we are in a great position to help them do that. How much more rewarding does it get than that?”

She said looking past those perceptions and instead seeing things from the client’s perspective is the first step in providing quality client service.

“I think number one is to put yourself in the shoes of the client,” Hawes said. “You never go wrong if you keep that in mind, if you’re constantly asking yourself what it’s like to be in the shoes of the client.”

Hawes’ experience at Cobalt also comes to bear in guiding LexBlog on the transition from a small company to a larger one.

“From my perspective, the opportunity is to help the company grow, help the company take the next step up and put initiatives into place that are both going to help the clients and support our growth,” Hawes said. “I can see how to help LexBlog grow as a company, I can see the kind of things that you need in order to be effective as a larger company and continue to maintain the level of service that makes LexBlog special.”

Hawes’ desire and motivation to help LexBlog grow, while providing exceptional client service, is fueled by those in and outside of LexBlog. Externally, she hears about the successes of LexBlog Network publishers such as New Jersey attorney Deirdre Wheatley-Liss and uses that to guide other attorneys.

“I have used her as an example for other clients to say “You can do this too and it doesn’t have to be something long, drawn out and painful. It can be something you integrate in your day-to-day life,’” Hawes said.

Internally, she feeds off the ideas off the ideas of the team that’s been assembled.

“I feel really good about the team we already have in place and I’m really excited about what they’re going to be able to do to take us into the future,” Hawes said.

“This team right here is poised to take us to the next step.”

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