By Kevin O'Keefe

LexBlog Network Webinar: Attorney Coaching–Creating the Next Generation of Rainmakers with Cordell Parvin

On Wednesday, December 8th, LexBlog continues its quarterly webinar series with nationally recognized career and client development coach Cordell Parvin aimed at providing guidance for associates, junior partners and those who coach them.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Cordell and his exceptional Law Consulting Blog, Cordell brings a unique perspective to career coaching. Cordell is an attorney himself as his 37 years of practice set him apart from other client development experts. He has actually done what he teaches and coaches; he knows the challenges lawyers face and helps provide solutions.

This webinar will cover the prospect of starting an attorney coaching program at your firm. As 2010 comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about 2011 and what goals you’d like to accomplish. Why not use the new year as an opportunity to get a start on creating your firm’s next generation of rainmakers?

On this webinar, which takes place at 9:00am PT/12:00pm PT, Cordell and Kevin will discuss, amongst other things:

  • Starting an attorney coaching program at your firm.
  • How to structure the program and what to teach.
  • Why the best candidates for coaching are the attorneys who appear to need it the least.
  • How to hold your lawyers accountable.
  • How a lawyer can get the most from coaching.

You can register for the webinar here at LexBlog’s Event Center.

Similar to previous webinars in this series, this presentation will be entirely dialogue-based as Cordell and Kevin answer your questions on making time for client development. Attorneys who have participated in a coaching program will also be on hand to take questions on how to get the most from coaching.

Please send your questions in advance to, or you can pose your questions during the webinar through a few different channels.

  • Again, via email to
  • You can pose questions using the chat interface on the webinar program.
  • Also in the webinar program, you can raise your hand and ask the question over the phone.
  • And finally, you can ask questions via Twitter using the #lxbnw hashtag.

As always, we’ll be recording this webinar. So, if you can’t attend, feel free to visit the Lexblog Support Site and view at your convenience.

We’re looking forward to this webinar and hope to see you there.

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