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10 reasons more lawyers and law firms are blogging

No question we’re seeing an explosion in the growth of lawyer blogs. Here’s my thoughts on why we’re seeing this growth.

  • Lawyers are reading more and more blogs. Whether it be as part of legal research, business reading, or research on personal matters, blogs have become part of their daily routine. Blogs are no longer viewed as flakey publications authored by guys in their pajamas.
  • Lawyers now know that in-house counsel and the judiciary regularly read blogs for legal information, insight, and commentary.
  • Lawyers see their competition writing blogs. Over 50% of the 200 largest law firms in this country blog. Last week in Cleveland I was asked by a leading healthcare lawyer which of the large law firms were blogging on healthcare. I was able to rattle off a who’s who in large law blogging on healthcare – and those were just LexBlog clients.
  • Traditional media, though still important, is on the decline. Is it worth the effort and significant expense of trying to position yourself as an authority to get quoted in traditional media when their reach and audience is on the decline.
  • Lawyers see their corporate clients blogging and using social media. Not only is blogging an excellent means to engage these clients via social media, but blogging demonstrates your innovativeness as a lawyer.
  • Lawyers see the client service component of blogging. Sharing relevant insight and commentary with existing clients nurtures relationships leading to more business,
  • Though other forms of social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites) can play an important role in building relationships and enhancing your word of mouth presence, lawyers know that none of them approach blogging for providing true insight and commentary as a thought leader.
  • Lawyers see the professional development aspect of blogging. Reading other blogs by lawyers, industry leaders, columnists, and academics, and sharing their insight with your thoughts on your own blog is an excellent way to learn. Your network of thought leaders on which you may call upon for legal insight and counsel by reading and writing in this fashion grows. Constant learning, networking, and mentoring are key elements to becoming a top notch lawyer.
  • Lawyers have come to understand the high ROI on blogging. Though publishing to a blog two to four times a month takes time, perhaps no other activity allows a good lawyer to establish themselves as an authority as quickly.
  • Lawyers are coming to understand that blogging is not about marketing, something the best lawyers have shunned for years. Blogging is about engagement, networking, and relationships. The same key concepts at play in traditional client development for the best lawyers. Lawyers realize blogging is an extension of this.

Just as corporate blogging is expected to grow by close to 50% in the next two to three years, we’re going to see the same with legal blogging. For all above the above reasons and more.

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