By Kevin O'Keefe

NewsRack : Why publishers need to deliver for third party Apps

Newsrack RSS Reader iPhone iPadI bought an iPad the first day they came out. I’m not necessarily into new gadgets, but I am into the fact that the way we consume and share content is changing at lightning speed. I needed to see what the iPad signaled for the road ahead.

The iPad or iPhone without a good App delivering a positive experience is nothing. With a good App the iPad and iPhone are a wonderful ride.

One App I’m starting to really enjoy on my iPad and iPhone is an RSS reader called NewsRack developed by Berlin Germany’s Ole Zorn, and his company, OMZ-Software.

With recent upgrades correcting a few bugs, I wholeheartedly agree with Zorn’s description of NewsRack.

NewsRack is a full-featured RSS reader for your iPhone [and iPad] with a unique interface. Skim over the latest headlines on a beautiful rack of newspapers (only iPhone/iPod touch) or use the powerful classic view to read and organize feeds.

The feeds and articles in NewsRack can be synchronized with Google Reader, including categories and even your custom sort order.

With in-app email, native Twitter, Delicious and Instapaper support, it’s easy to share the news you care about.

Look at a few screenshots as to why I like the NewsRack experience.

Here’s the look as I open my feeds on my iPhone.


As I look at a folder of feeds – this one, legal blogs.

Newsrack screenshot 2

As I read a blog post from Scott Greenfield.

Newsrack screenshot 3

And as I share the blog post on Twitter directly from NewsRack.

Newsrack screenshot 4

We’re moving from consuming content on a browser to consuming content on mobile devices, where we don’t only view content, we share it — and network and collaborate as a result. Innovative publishers no longer share content by pushing unwanted content on people, ala newsletters and alerts, but share content as a new form of media, networking, and collaboration.

Publishers need to be thinking about how they deliver to the iPad and mobile device experience via third party Apps like NewsRack for easy viewing and sharing, as opposed to building a portal experience via browsers or their own Apps.

Kevin O'Keefe
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