By Kevin O'Keefe

New blogs joining the LexBlog Network for the week of 6/14-6/18

Well, this week went by fast. At its conclusion, we have three new publications joining the LexBlog Network. Once again, the big firms reign large with QLTSchool partaking as well. Anyone who leaves a comment gets their own vuvuzuela-ized site.

  • Milwaukee attorney David Froiland serves as editor on Foley & Lardner’s Labor & Employment Law Perspectives. Living up to the same high standards as the other Foley & Lardner blogs, this publication provides consistent and insightful updates on prominent cases and breaking news in the employment realm.
  • QLTSBlog, the official blog of QLTSchool, provides analysis and information on the thriving legal community in England and Wales. QLTSchool aims to provide guidance and tools for international attorneys looking to become solicitors in England and Wales.
  • Going back, a bit, to the world of employment, Human Resources Legislative Update comments on legal developments and their HR effects at not only businesses, but schools, hospitals and workplaces in other industries. The blog is published Canadian law firm Hicks Morely.
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