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LexBlog Network Webinar : Client Development for Associates with Cordell Parvin

OTuesday, May 18th, LexBlog kicks off a quarterly webinar series aimed at educating Associate attorneys and those who provide guidance to them. LexBlog CEO & Publisher Kevin O’Keefe will be joined on this series by renowned and nationally recognized client development coach Cordell Parvin.

Cordell is an attorney himself as his 37 years of practice set him apart from other client development experts. He has actually done what he teaches and coaches; he knows the challenges lawyers face and helps provide solutions.

The first webinar focuses specifically on client development for Associates. For this group of younger and less experienced attorneys, client development may not be a huge priority at this point in their careers. Some Associates may now just be focusing on logging the necessary amount of billable hours.

The truth is, doing good work along isn’t enough. A concerted effort must be made to bring in the level of work most attorneys strive to attain.

On this webinar, Cordell and Kevin will discuss, amongst other things:

  • Why doing great work isn’t enough.
  • Where an Associate can start
  • How many non-billable hours should be spent on client development?
  • How clients select lawyers and law firms.

You can register for the webinar here at LexBlog’s Event Center.

As always, we’ll be recording this webinar. So, if you can’t attend, feel free to visit the Lexblog Support Site and view at your convenience.

We’re looking forward to this webinar and hope to see you there.

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