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Blogging, LinkedIn and Your Online Presence: LexBlog Network Webinar

Of all the social networking sites on the Web, LinkedIn is probably one of the most valuable for lawyers and legal professionals when it comes to networking, engaging and simply owning your online presence.

At LexBlog, we frequently hear from clients that they’d like to learn more about how to use LinkedIn for business development and how it should fit in with your existing blog or other social media tools.

In our upcoming LexBlog Network webinar, we’ll cover how to get the most of LinkedIn, in “Blogging, LinkedIn and Your Online Presence.”

This webinar will be held next Wednesday, April 21, at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET.

We’ll discuss:

  • How is what I do with my blog related to my LinkedIn profile and presence?
  • What value does LinkedIn hold for business professionals/attorneys?
  • How can it be used as a business development/marketing tool?
  • What are some etiquette tips on professional social networking?

Please visit our Event Center to register for this webinar. If you need the password, email our HelpDesk or contact a member of our Author Services team at 1-800-913-0988.

Looking forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with LinkedIn with you next week. Feel free to post any questions you want to be sure we cover in the comments section here.

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