I’ll be conducting a webinar for members of LinkedIn Legal Blogging Group this Tuesday, January 12 at 12 ET, 9 AM PT. The Legal Blogging Group is free to join and membership is not a prerequisite for registering for the webinar.

The subject is the ‘Art of Effective Blogging for Business Development.’ I’ll be covering, among other things:

  • What blogging for business development truly means
  • The importance of developing a strategy to accomplish your business development goals
  • Developing the right niche and focus for your blog?
  • How to define and engage your target audience
  • How to build relationships with your target audience
  • Developing a conversational style
  • Marketing your blog to extend its reac.
  • Measuring the ROI for your blog

Please go to our Webex Events Center to register.

LinkedIn’s Legal Blogging Group has over 3,500 members from our legal profession who exchange information and insight on the use of blogs and other social media. If you’re not a member, you may join at the Legal Blogging Group LinkedIn Page.

I’m working on making the Legal Blogging Group more valuable to its members in 2010. One way of doing so is through Webinars like this. I hope to see you there. If you cannot attend I’ll make a recording and accompanying screencast available here on my blog and on the Legal Blogging Group’s Discussion Board.