The Seattle startup legal directory, Avvo, appears to have caught Martindale-Hubbell’s in the number of unique visitors per month. This per the below comparison I ran with, a web traffic analysis service.

avvo versus lawyers traffic comparison

Avvo only trailed by 85,000 unique visitors in November (838,000 versus 753,000). In October the gap was even closer, a difference of 42,000 unique visitors (911,000 versus 869,000). It’s possible Martindale’s multi-million dollar national television ad campaign increased the gap slightly In November.

Perhaps more telling is the rate of growth for each website.’s traffic is up 43% the last year while Avvo’s traffic is up 127%. You’d have to think Avvo is going to pass in unique visitors in the coming year.

This increased Avvo traffic is resulting in exposure for lawyers listed in the Avvo directory and participating in Avvo website features such as Avvo Answers and Advice. Lawyer contacts such as emails, phone calls or website visits from prospective clients totaled 160,000 last month, per Mark Britton, Avvo’s CEO.

Increased traffic is also resulting in increase sales at Avvo. I’m told their account managers have been fulfilling orders for their Avvo Pro product at a volume that was unexpected for the pre-holiday season.

Avvo may not be right for all lawyers (more focused on consumer & small business lawyers), and I have been critical of Avvo on some items, but there’s little question Avvo, with it’s rising traffic, is going to be included in lawyers’ Internet marketing buys and be a strong competitor to Martindale’s

  • Eric T

    Mabye MH should start spamming blogs to increase their traffic.

  • Good idea Eric, bring to the US what’s proven to be a tried and true winner Internationally.

  • Kevin – thanks for your post. As the marketing guy at Avvo, I can fairly confidently say that the answer to your question, “will Avvo surpass” is “no”. While it is fairly hard to estimate web traffic (these public reporting services are fickle), there are a number of additional data points that suggest that Avvo passed as the number one online legal directory some time during October of 2009.
    While market leadership is a big achievement, your comment about growth trajectory is actually even more interesting. We’re just two years into this and have some new exciting initiatives coming up that will drive even more consumers to Avvo.

  • This article prompted me to finally log onto Avvo and claim my profile over the weekend. It seems like a good user interface. Looking forward to posting some additional legal guides, etc.
    Ironically, the rep is coming to meet with me and another attorney here at the firm in about an hour. I wonder what her take on the traffic rankings will be.