Texas DWI attorney Hunter BiedermanIt seems like every day we hear about another member of the LexBlog Network getting known in the community and local media through their blog.

Dallas-area DWI lawyer Hunter Biederman’s posts on his Frisco DWI Lawyer & Attorney Blog led to notice from a local newspaper chain, Star Community Newspapers, who then reached out to Hunter through his blog.

“I spoke with the editor who said he liked my posts and wanted to add my posts to their papers,” Hunter says.

He now sees his posts syndicated in the four local papers in the chain: The McKinney Courier Gazette, the Allen American, the Frisco Enterprise, and the Celina Record. Each post on the newspaper website has a link back to his blog, for readers to refer to for more information and background.

“I have definitely seen a response already, mostly from other attorneys and court staff,” Hunter says.

You can read the posts on the papers’ opinion page.

As a former newspaper reporter myself, I can see why an editor would leap at the chance to syndicate a top law blogger’s content on their newspaper’s site. You’re getting frequently updated pieces from an authority on a topic that your own paper likely doesn’t or can’t cover on its own.

And from the lawyer’s side, your content is reaching a wider audience of influencers and potential clients, who will grow to value your opinion and turn to your blog as a resource.

As we’ve written before, lawyers who blog well are a reporter’s (and newspaper’s) dream.