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Published by Kevin O'Keefe, CEO & Founder of LexBlog

Dallas Divorce Blog leads to TV interview : Lawyers who blog a reporter’s dream

October 27, 2009

Just received an email from Dallas Family Law Attorney and LexBlog Network blogger, Michelle May O’Neil.

She just got off the phone with a local television reporter who plans to do a story about Facebook in Divorce. The reporter did a google search and up popped relevant blog posts on her Dallas Divorce Blog.

Michelle had posted two different posts on the topic. The reporter called to interview her and has scheduled an on-camera interview for Friday.

I know, a blogging lawyer getting a call from a reporter is not news to lawyers who are publishing good law blogs. But I talk to a lot of lawyers who are skeptical of what a blog can do for their practice development. This post is for the later group.

Lawyers who blog well are a reporter’s dream.

  • Solid research information from a person who knows more than anyone on the subject – a lawyer practicing in a niche.
  • Information at a reporter’s finger tips. How long does it take to do a Google search for the exact subject you’re reporting on?
  • An instant credibility gauge. A reporter can evaluate a lawyer’s level of expertise and authority in a New York minute by looking at the blog content and the information on the ‘About’ and ‘Legal Services’ pages on the lawyer’s blog followed by a Google search of the lawyer’s name likely to display thought leaders’ citations of the blog.
  • Reporter no longer needs to rely on public relations professionals to serve up experts who have enough money to hire a PR person or publicist.
  • Reporter doesn’t reach out to just any lawyer to serve as a talking head. The reporter gets a trusted and reliable authority in the relevant area of the law.

Good stuff all around. Reporters under severe time deadlines no longer guessing who talk with. The viewing public gets better news and information. And the cream rises to the top for American lawyers – good lawyers who blog getting legal work by word of mouth over lawyers with less skill in the area and lawyers with big ad budgets.

On the LexBlog Network and have a story to share about media coverage coming from your blog? Drop me email. I’ll try to get it on the blog.