By Kevin O'Keefe

Where have I been?

On Twitter.

I used to publish 10 to 15 blog posts a week. The last couple weeks? About 1 or 2 posts a week. The reason? I’ve been spending an hour or two a day on Twitter.

Despite some lawyers not getting Twitter yet, Law blogging pioneer, Denise Howell, gets it right.

I don’t get that there’s much to discuss: microblogging is faster and more immediately interactive (i.e., results-producing) than longer form discourse, which remains great when you have something to convey that doesn’t lend itself to 140 characters or less.

Sure, blogs play an integral role in further enhancing your reputation as a lawyer. But Twitter is indeed more immediately interactive.

I can share what I see in my feeds with over a thousand followers on Twitter and get immediate feedback. I can ask a question or suggest getting together and get an immediate response.

Just asking if anyone meets to meet for a beer in a city while traveling has resulted in meetups on multiple occasions. LexBlog is interviewing a lawyer I met on Twitter for a position with our company. And I’m learning a ton from the people I’m following on Twitter.

For personal branding of your expertise in a niche, Twitter is a great compliment to blogging. In the couple months I’ve been active on Twitter, I’ve gotten known by more people and strengthened my reputation as a leader in client development through the net. With my name and LexBlog often intertwined, that’s resulted in more business for LexBlog.

Blogging remains an integral part of a lawyers client development efforts. There’s much info, commentary, and insight that doesn’t lend itself to 140 character Twitter posts. And a lawyer needs to have a body of work in one place for prospective clients to evaluate the lawyer’s skill, passion, and philosophy.

Maybe I’ve gone overboard on the Twitter versus blogging seesaw for the last few weeks, but I’ll be here blogging on a continual basis. Rather than 10 or posts a week, I expect you’ll see a few posts a week complimented by continuing experiment with Twitter.

To see what I’m following and I’m thinking about just follow me on Twitter.

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