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Virginia construction attorney gets Twitter praise from King County Executive Ron Sims

October 7, 2008

“Small talk leads to big things” is one of the Twitter rules we live by at LexBlog, and it seems more evidence of this comes to light each day.

Like last night, when King County Executive Ron Sims, who tweets under the username @ronsims, cited LexBlog client Chris Cheatham’s Green Building Law Update as a noteworthy resource on green constructions issues…one that he’d already shared with key figures in the local legal community:

Just like that, in less time than it would have taken to write an email, Chris and his blog are immediately brought to the attention of the nearly 300 folks following Ron and the throngs more monitoring related keywords at Twitter Search.

Even better, when I contacted Ron about the link not working properly, he responded personally with a corrected URL:

Chris’ presence on Twitter, which he has used strategically in conjunction with the blog to position himself as a thought leader in this area, has paid off. Twitter is now driving traffic to his blog and, more importantly, lending credibility to his practice. This Virginia-based attorney has become a celebrity of sorts on green issues in the Puget Sound legal community, despite the fact that he lives at the complete other end of the country.