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Pileggi rocks the Wall Street Journal again

Okay, Francis Pileggi, a Delaware corporate litigation lawyer, didn’t exactly rock the WSJ. But the Journal did pick up another one of his blog posts in it’s ‘Stories from the Web’ in the Law Section of the online Journal.

As an influential law blogger on corporate issues, Pileggi’s’s blog posts keep popping up all around the net. Ranges from main stream publications like the journal to widely read law blogs published by corporate law professors or corporate lawyers. Great thing it’s happening for free and with out any overt effort (except for effective blogging) to push the content on folks.

It’s happening via the magic of RSS and the syndication of content. Just like the AP is syndicating general news to newspapers across the country, Pileggi is syndicating corporate law news to major publications and bloggers whose audiences are comprised of readers Pileggi wants to reach.

Here’s a screen shot from today’s WSJ referencing Pileggi’s blog, the subject blog post, a link to his blog, and links to blog posts referencing Pileggi’s blog post.

Pileggi Delaware Corporate Litigation Law

How the heck do you get your content syndicated like this? Effective blogging. Not throwing up content randomly in an attempt to get high search engine rankings, but by engaging in relevant discussion among thought leaders in your field.

And it’s within the reach of any of you. You need not be the world’s greater writer, know technology like the back of your hand, nor have achieved rock star status in your field already. Blogging with a passion for your niche and a desire to be recognized as a thought leader is all that’s required.

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