The Wall Street Journal is continuing to run syndicated law blog content in the law section of the online Journal.

Maybe it’s just me being from a small town in the Midwest, but I get pretty jazzed seeing people come to my blog from the Journal.

Reach the Law Section of the WSJ by clicking on ‘Law’ in the news section in the left hand navigation bar. You’ll then see a box entitled ‘Law Stories from Around the Web.’ Click on any of the law stories, most of them law blog posts, to reach a page like that depicted below.

This screenshot was reached by clicking on the WSJ’s reference to a story at on ‘Social Media Sites and Law Firm Marketing.’ I referenced the story in my blog post, ‘Lawyers use of LinkedIn,’ so the WSJ linked to my post as well.

Note all the law blog posts highlighted and linked to by the Journal. Pretty cool.

WSJ syndicated law blog content