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LexMonitor is live

LexMonitor Law Blogs

We began our soft launch of LexMonitor yesterday.

LexMonitor is a free daily review of law blogs and journals highlighting prominent legal discussion as well as the lawyers and other professionals participating in this conversation.

Pulling from nearly 2,000 sources and 5,000 authors, LexMonitor will hopefully shine a light on the ongoing conversation among thought leaders in the law for the benefit of the legal profession and the public at large.

Like putting in the sidewalks on a college campus after watching where the students leave paths, we’ll refine the site and add features based on how it’s used and the feedback we receive from you.

Please note we’re still in beta and this is a soft launch. We’re still working on lots of things including blog authors, post titles, author profiles, and tags.

I appreciate the feedback we’ve received. I welcome much more, both in the short term and in the years to come.

A big hat tip to Jesse Newland, our IT Director, for all his work in getting LexMonitor up. But for his talent, passion, and perseverance, I’m not sure we would have got there. Kudos also go to Rob La Gatta, our Editorial Manager, Greg Storey, our Creative Directory, Brian Biddle, our Lead Designer, Brian Hefter, our Lead Web Developer, and Tim Murtaugh, a talented developer who pitched in on a contract basis.

Please email our LexMonitor Editor or me with your feedback, suggestions, and critique.

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