Who would have thunk a professional social networking site could overtake a long standing lawyer directory like Martindale-Hubbell?

But look at the growth in traffic (unique visitors per month) to LinkedIn, Martindale.com, Martindale’s consumer-small business lawyer directory, lawyers.com, and FindLaw.com (total traffic, not just lawyers.findlaw.com directory) over the last year. LinkedIn is blowing them all away.

lawyer directory

Think LinkedIn is not a lawyer directory? Think again.

Legal marketing pro, Steve Matthews, reports 98,000 more lawyers have added profiles to LinkedIn in the last two months. Brings the number of lawyer profiles at LinkedIn to, as Steve describes it, ‘an incredible 216,000.’ Up from the 118,000 I reported in April.

Added to this is the fact that all major law firms have detailed law firm profiles at LinkedIn.

I’m a business person and the first place I go to find information on a lawyer is LinkedIn. Before the lawyer’s website. And before a lawyer directory such as martindale.com. The profiles are complete, easy to scan, and let me know if the lawyer is on the ball enough to have a LinkedIn profile.

Looks like I am not alone. As of this May, LinkedIn site traffic was at 5.6 million visitors per month, and was growing at an annual growth rate of 351%. LinkedIn has more than 20 million registered users, spanning 150 industries.

With the features LinkedIn keeps adding and the growth in prospective law firm clients using LinkedIn, I don’t know how traditional lawyer directories can keep up.

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  • You mentioned in a tweet a LinkedIn group for legal bloggers, but I can’t seem to find it. Can you point the way?
    Many thanks!
    Bill Wilson

  • Good information here. Also remember to hire a lawyer that specializes in the particular area of law you need him/her for. If going to trial make sure your lawyer is a TRAIL LAWYER.