Law Blogs Wall Street Journal If you haven’t started noticing traffic coming to your law blog from the Wall Street Journal already, you soon may. I’m already seeing traffic from the WSJ and so are a number of LexBlog clients.

How? The Wall Street Journal is now running in its law section syndicated law blog posts from influential law blogs. You’ll see the law blog posts under the headline ‘Breaking Law Stories From Around the Web’ on the right side of the page as you scroll down.

Click on one of the blog post titles and you’ll receive the entry text of the post, a link to the post, and a link to the law blog. You’ll also receive links to each of the blog posts which referenced the blog post.

Here’s a screen shot from the WSJ highlighting a blog post from LexBlog client Todd Smith that the WSJ pulled in by syndication. You’ll then see a couple posts from this blog along with other law blog posts which referenced Todd’s original post.

WSJ syndicated law blogs

How cool is this? The only thing better than publishing content to your own law blog is having major publications like the WSJ publish your content to their readers.