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More risks in using Blogger : Lock out and no personal support

A few days ago I posted on why not to use Blogger for a law firm blog.

This morning I ran across another risk in using Blogger. Austin’s Thom Singer relayed a situation where his Blogger blog, which he uses for professional communications, was ‘Locked’ by’s electronic computer robots that patrol their system to limit ‘spam blogs.’

Doing some research, Tom found it common for Blogger users to get locked out via a random spam inquiry and that it can take 48 hours or more to be reinstated. There was no one at Google customer service who you could contact, only a Blogger Help Group in ‘Google Groups.’

How was Tom feeling during the lockout?

I feel sad. Frustrated. Pissed that it is impossible to reach a real person via the site to expedite getting this issue solved. I also feel vulnerable that I have come to rely on these free social media tools as part of my life and that I am just one of millions of users who possess zero ability to garner their attention.

Imagine how you would feel as a legal marketing professional in a law firm telling firm’s management the firm’s blog is locked by the free service being used and that there is no one you can contact for support. The question is going to rise as to who advised using Blogger.

Imagine how you would feel as a lawyer telling a client that you’d like to add something to your blog, but you use a free service and it’s locked right now.

Worse yet, imagine the need to make an immediate change to a firm’s blog because of a third party’s demand or perceived liability risk and you’re locked out.

Sure, Blogger for personal blogs, but not for a professional law blog.

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