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Largest law firms all have expanding firm profiles at LinkedIn

LinkedIn lawyer social networkingMay come as a surprise to law firms and lawyer directories, but LinkedIn, the largest and most popular professional social network, has detailed firm profiles on each of the largest law firms in the country.

LinkedIn company profiles for each of the 20 largest law firms in the country include the following info:

  • Firm synopsis
  • Career path of lawyers before joining the firm
  • Career path of lawyers before joining the firm
  • Who law firm employees are most connected to
  • New hires
  • Recent Promotions and position changes
  • Popular firm member profiles
  • BusinessWeek profile and related news
  • Top locations of firm
  • Top schools lawyers graduated from
  • Median age
  • Gender breakdown

Here’s a list of the LinkedIn law firm profiles for AmLaw’s top 20 largest firms with the number of their LinkedIn members in just my LinkedIn network. The total number of LinkedIn members for each firm I am sure is much higher. Click on the firm’s name to see their LinkedIn profile.

How are the profiles being constructed? Via social networking.

Lawyers in the firms are creating individual lawyer profiles at LinkedIn. There are 118,000 LinkedIn profiles listing their profession as a the practice of law.

Those profiles are constantly being updated. Not only by the lawyers themselves, but more importantly by LinkedIn’s social networking features.

Don’t look now, but LinkedIn may over the next couple years become a more effective way to get a 360 degree view of a law firm than a law firm’s own website and any of the major lawyer directories.