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Back online – for LexBlog’s fifth year

LexBlog 4 yearsI’m back at you after a few days of no posting. Must have been the four year burn out. ;)

That’s right. Last Tuesday, April 15, was the four year anniversary of LexBlog.

You’d of thunk it? I remember early ’04 coming in for dinner out of my office in the garage (door for desktop resting on file cabinets under shop lamp) and telling my family I figured out what I was going to do – blogs for lawyers. Colin, our oldest, then 17, blurted out ‘Wow, like Segways, it’ll be a fad and we’ll go broke.’

We did all of 7 or 8 blogs in 2004. Can’t believe I had blind optimism that blogs were the perfect fit for lawyers and that as long as I evangelized the heck of lawyer blogs by blogging myself (had not a dime for other marketing and advertising) we’d be okay.

Did 60 or 70 more blogs in 2005. By 2006 we had the formation of a formidable team of design, tech, development, and service professionals.

By 2007 it was clear this was a business to grow by adding more talented team members and scaling operations for future growth. Also became clear that we could pull the business to cash flow positive without the assistance of a financial partner – something I wanted to do after a bad experience with venture capital folks with the last company I founded.

Today we’ve got about 350 blogs and 800 plus lawyers blogging on our platform. Each morning I get up and think ‘This sure beats working for a living.’

I get to share and exchange stories and ideas with you guys. People invite me to speak in nice places around the country. I get to meet some fabulous lawyers and business professionals. Get to work with innovative, driven, and fun teammates. It’s a hoot.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t live out your dream. I’m walking proof that with nothing more than a little savings, a few credit cards, a supportive family, and caring team members that you can strike out on your own and build something to serve others.

To the next four years…

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