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Published by Kevin O'Keefe, CEO & Founder of LexBlog

Live from TechShow: Ed Poll of LawBiz Management Co.

March 14, 2008

It’s been a busy day, but we still managed to squeeze in a chat with Ed Poll, the latest in our ongoing series of live interviews from TechShow.

Ed, a LexBlog client who we previously featured in our LexBlog Q & A, is the principal of LawBiz Management Company and author of the LawBizBlog.

Last time we chatted with Ed, the conversation covered his history in the blogosphere and opinions on how blogging has impacted him. Today the discussion was on TechShow and the value technology can hold for practicing lawyers. Check it out after the jump.

1. Rob La Gatta: Why are you at TechShow?

Ed Poll: I am at TechShow because it is one of the leading technology shows in the country, if not the leading show. It’s a place where vendors put on exhibits of their wares, and I’m able as a result to stay abreast of what is new in the legal profession and the legal industry. In addition, I get to meet great people like Kevin, and renew my friendships.

2. Rob La Gatta: Is there anybody who you haven’t met before who you’re looking forward to meeting, or who you were looking forward to before you came and got a chance to talk to?

Ed Poll: I think the answer to that question probably is yes and yes.

I’ve met some people I didn’t meet before, and they were able to teach me something that I didn’t know. I’ve also made connections that I would not have made but for being here. And I’ve been able to renew relationships with folks that I knew but don’t see in between the sessions.

Also, I was able to meet with a couple editors of mine and moved my new book on law firm fees and compensation closer to completion. I am expecting to go to press in about 3 weeks. So that was pretty good.

3. Rob La Gatta: Beyond the benefit of picking up tips from the panels, do you see a strong networking potential as well at TechShow?

Ed Poll:

Oh, there is networking. When you meet people – both people you know as well as new people you haven’t met before – there’s a tremendous opportunity to network and continue that after the show.

4. Rob La Gatta: And have you seen any panels so far at TechShow that you have enjoyed?

Ed Poll: Yeah, there were a couple of panels I’ve enjoyed; one of them was on technology in the new law practice, by Carolyn Elefant and David Masters. But I do most of my learning on the exhibit floor, rather than in the sessions.

5. Rob La Gatta: In terms of what you’re doing with LawBiz: how much is technology playing into it? Does it shape the way you run your business, and do you expect it to in the future?

Ed Poll: I can’t tell you quite what’s going to be going on in the future…I’m not that omniscient. But it clearly has impacted my business, in several ways. By staying alert to the technology, I’m able to help my clients become more efficient in what they do as well.

When I started in 1990, because of the computer I was able to do work on my own without a secretary; literally, I was able to be solo. Within a matter of months, I was able to grow enough to be able to bring somebody in. I thought part time…but between the time she accepted my offer and the time she began work, I found all kinds of new projects for her to do, so she came on full-time. 

I think that technology has enabled me to stay with an assistant without putting on a lot of extra people, and in effect to be a virtual consultant: when there was a need for me to expand into a team, I was able to do that. And then when the assignment was over, I was able to walk away while the other folks went their separate ways as well.

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