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Law bloggers who link out the most carry the most influence

February 16, 2008

Telling many lawyers and law firms to link out from their blogs so as to cite other law blogs, news sites, and other resources is like blasphemy.

But the fact is the more you link out, the more valuable your blog, the more subscribers you’ll have, the more traffic you’ll receive, and the more influential you’ll be.

Publishing 2.0’s post, ‘Influentials On The Web Are People With The Power To Link,’ explains.

The reason Google’s search results often contain more blogs than traditional media content is that blogs were the first to harness the power of the link. Blogs linked to other blogs, while traditional media brands remained disconnected silos.…..Journalists and PR professionals, the influence brokers of traditional media, have lost a huge degree of influence on the web in large part because they don’t link to anything. While traditional media brands are still powerful channels on the web, they are losing influence everyday to the link-driven web network

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