YouTube video law blogsVideo has piqued my interest as the video quality expected by users has dropped.

Law firms historically believed they needed to hire a professional video crew and run only the highest quality video. However, you can now turn on CNN and find that they’ve picked up amateur video from a viewer highlighting a breaking news story. Some of the Fox News shows even have their anchors filming stories using amateur video equipment. The reason being to be more like citizen journalists. As a result, your law blog’s readers are receptive to reasonable quality video, though it may not be as good as if you used a professional video person.

This opens up some great video opportunities for your law blog. You can record short vignettes about a particular item that relates to the topic of your blog. Store it at YouTube and then take the YouTube HTML and put that in your blog. That will display a “YouTube TV set” in your blog so that your readers can push the play button and view it on your blog.

Using YouTube allows you to syndicate your video so others may play your video on their blog or news web site. Let’s say you put up a video on timely immigration legal issue and it’s 2

  • Hey, this is supposed to be a “How To Do X” and not “You Ought Try X”

  • Kevin, Thanks for the useful tip. I will try this on my blog about Texas Divorce law. I recently bought an iFlip video recorder that has USB to download into computer and in a format that can be posted to YouTube immediately. The video recorder doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it seems easy enough to use.
    I always enjoy reading your tips and find them very useful for this newbie blogger.
    Michelle May O’Neil
    Dallas, Texas

  • Steve Mays

    This excellent post would have been more powerful if you had recorded a short video and embedded it. No?

  • Steve Mays

    Just remembered this clip from Gnomedex.